Special Raya Sales is ON NOW!!!

Timara~Style is having our Special Raya Clearance Sales with lots of discounts to enjoy.

Timara Jewelleries ~ discount up to 20%
Tudung Timara ~ RM65.00/pcs
Embroidery Telekung Vietnam ~ discount up to 25%

** FREE DELIVERY with minimum of 3 items/order.
** While stock last
Interested, please email to timara.style@gmail.com

Tudung Timara~TC54

Price: RM85.00

Tudung Timara~TC53

Price: RM85.00

Tudung Timara~TC52

Price: Rm85.00

Tudung Timara~TC51


Tudung Timara~TC50

Price: RM85.00

Tudung Timara~TC49

Price : RM85.00

Tudung Timara~TC48

Price: Rm85.00

Tudung Timara~TC47

Price: RM85.00

Tudung Timara~TC46

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